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Baby Led-Weaning Online Course for RDNs
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Jessica, Nanny and Baby-Led Weaning Convert & Fan

I love that Katie's course makes it a priority to include caregivers in the feeding dynamic.  The sample scripts for daycare helpers, caregivers and other family members are really powerful tools that I wish every parent I've ever worked for could know about! I feel really confident about taking the skills I have about baby led weaning with me moving forward and it's safe to say I am a baby-led weaning convert!

Deborah, Entrepreneur and Mom to Lazer, 
11 Months

I deeply care about my baby's nutrition -- I want him to be exposed to and love healthy foods (none of this grilled cheese and pizza business). Katie had great advice about baby-led weaning and really practical, easy-to-implement steps that helped me get going. My son is now a great eater, and loves his greens and a variety of flavors!

Jessica, Dietitian and Mom to Karina, 9 Months

I've learned so much from Katie and her experience feeding her quadruplets with baby-led weaning. As a fellow dietitian and first time mom, I was looking for evidence-based information to guide me through baby-led weaning after seeing my baby not take very well to spoon feeding purees. Working with Katie has given me the resources and confidence to feed my daughter all of the same foods my husband and I love!

Samantha, Caregiver for Paige, 6 Months

As Paige's full-time caregiver, I found my bosses to be initially hesitant about baby-led weaning. I took the course to educate myself, but also to help bring parents on board to this incredible approach to starting solids. We were able to all sit down together and brainstorm about our mutual feeding goals. I was even able to teach Paige's pediatrician a thing or two about the latest baby-feeding research supporting a baby-led approach that I learned in Katie's course!

Kelsey, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and Mom to Brooklyn, 8 Months

Even though I work in the pediatric feeding field, I had fears and anxieties when it came to feeding my own daughter. Watching Katie's videos in the course helped me feel more prepared to begin the feeding journey. I now feel fully confident in my feeding ability and my daughter is a successful self-feeder!

Erin, Formerly Frustrated Mom to Baby, 9 Months

My daughter stopped eating purees and I didn't know how to transition to real food. I was frustrated with my doctor's feeding recommendations that started and stopped with "start cereal at 4 months". Katie laid it all out and helped me rebuild my baby's eating habits. My whole family has better eating habits now after I finished the Self-Feeding Baby program!
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