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A digital course and step-by-step guide for 
starting solid food with baby-led weaning approved for 5 continuing professional education (CPE) units for RDNs
Hi...I'm Katie!
Hi, I'm Katie Ferraro and I am a Registered Dietitian, infant feeding specialist & mom of 7 small kids.

I've been practicing nutrition for nearly 20 years, and as a college nutrition professor for more than half of those.

But, still...I TOTALLY freaked out when it came time to start feeding my oldest daughter Molly. 

I had a terrible experience spoon-feeding Molly pureed food...but I turned it all around when I figured out and fell in love with baby-led weaning for my next kids: quadruplets...and then my now-baby twins!

In the Self-Feeding Baby course I share the time saving, evidence backed and recipe PACKED step-by-step feeding system I developed to make baby-led weaning work for YOUR family. 

You can master this program, become a confident feeder and get started raising an independent eater in just a few short hours. With this proven feeding system, you'll never stress about what to feed your baby again!

Whether you use this information for personal or professional reasons, you can master this program in a few hours and get your baby to like and accept ALL types of food!!
What is Baby-Led Weaning?
The term baby-led weaning was coined by Gill Rapley, PhD - the pioneering champion of this feeding philosophy and approach as well as co-author of the book Baby-led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods.

Baby-led weaning is a practical, hands-on approach to starting solid foods for your baby. 

A baby-led approach to feeding is based on the premise that babies who feed themselves the wholesome foods provided by their parents 
  • Will accept a wider variety of foods throughout their lifetime
  •  May avoid picky eating down the road, and 
  •  Are likely to have better relationships with food and lower rates of overweight and obesity as they get older. 
On top of that, baby-led weaning is a safe and natural way for your baby to honor and utilize her innate ability to control and regulate her OWN food intake, all while sharing in meals that the rest of the family can also enjoy. 
Sounds great, right? 
A self-feeding baby?!

Tell me MORE!...
What You Will Get out of 
the Self-Feeding Baby Course
5 hours of self-paced video training to help you implement this alternative to spoon-feeding, get over your fear of gagging and make you a more confident feeder.
Meal plans, feeding schedules and over 100 baby-led weaning recipes that the whole family will love. You'll never struggle with what to feed your baby again!
Best of all, you end up with a baby who enjoys and accepts ALL types of foods. Skip the pesky picky eating phase and raise an eager-eater right from the start!
I know, you’re a busy person. And while you might kind of dig this baby feeding stuff, you certainly don’t have all day to be prepping gourmet meals or an endless budget to do so.

This course is for you if you’re looking for a concise, time-saving, totally safe and systematic approach to help you introduce solid foods using baby-led weaning. 

Maybe you started your baby with spoon-feeding and it’s not going so well? This course can help you change course and get your baby on a self-feeding track too!

Got an older baby who's stuck in a rut? You'll love the 100 RECIPES in the program that your whole family can enjoy while your toddler gets back on track!

If you work as dietitian with infants, children, and families - then it is important to be aware of the evidence base that supports a baby-led approach to feeding...and to be able to answer your clients' questions about this innovative start to solids!
I designed the Self-Feeding Baby to approach starting solids for people like me: you like or love food and want your kid to feel the same way.

I don't always love cooking, but I do like to entertain. So I structured the course just like you would if you were preparing to host an awesome dinner party

Over the course of 5 modules, I’m going to walk you through this killer dinner party you are throwing for your baby: I'll help you determine your guest list (who's ready to eat) set the table for success (what steps ahead of time ensure success down the road), menu plan like a BOSS, prepare the feast (getting together delicious, affordable foods and recipes your whole family can enjoy), and then finally letting that baby eat!

We’ll tackle the tough issues, like how to identify and deal with gagging vs. choking, food allergies, aversions and intolerances, what you actually make food-wise and when and how you introduce it. I’ll give you some great scripts for bringing caregivers and other family members on board, as well as tons of great recipes your whole family will enjoy.

Plus, I'm including 100 of my favorite baby-led weaning recipes to tantalize your baby's tastebuds!

What People Are Saying About the System:

Jessica, Nanny and Baby-Led Weaning Convert & Fan

I love that Katie's course makes it a priority to include caregivers in the feeding dynamic.  The sample scripts for daycare helpers, caregivers and other family members are really powerful tools that I wish every parent I've ever worked for could know about! I feel really confident about taking the skills I have about baby led weaning with me moving forward and it's safe to say I am a baby-led weaning convert!

Deborah, Entrepreneur and Mom to Lazer, 
11 Months

I deeply care about my baby's nutrition -- I want him to be exposed to and love healthy foods (none of this grilled cheese and pizza business). Katie had great advice about baby-led weaning and really practical, easy-to-implement steps that helped me get going. My son is now a great eater, and loves his greens and a variety of flavors!

Jessica, Dietitian and Mom to Karina, 9 Months

I've learned so much from Katie and her experience feeding her quadruplets with baby-led weaning. As a fellow dietitian and first time mom, I was looking for evidence-based information to guide me through baby-led weaning after seeing my baby not take very well to spoon feeding purees. Working with Katie has given me the resources and confidence to feed my daughter all of the same foods my husband and I love!
Here’s a little bit about each of the modules in the Self-Feeding Baby
...and don’t worry - while it may sound like a lot, you can cover this material in about 5 hours if you tackle it head on (or spread it out for a little slower pace).
Module 1 - Getting Your Guest List Together
Who is going to be throwing this party and who are you going to invite? All of this is wrapped up in Module 1, entitled “Getting Your Guest List Together”:

At the end of this module you will…
  • Fully understand what baby-led weaning is and how it works to give you and your baby the best start to introducing solid foods.
  •  Determine what type of feeding style you were raised with and learn how you can adjust your feeding style and meal-planning mindset to ensure a healthy start to your baby’s first forays into food.
  •  Know whether or not your baby is ready to start eating solids, so you don’t jump the gun or get yourself into any sticky situations.
  •  Get all of your beginning baby-led weaning questions and concerns answered, so you can forge ahead confidently!
Module 2 - Setting the Table for Success
You can’t just have all of your friends over for a dinner party without doing some due diligence! 

In Module 2 - “Setting the Table for Success”, we’re going to dive deep into the prep you’ll need before throwing this perfect dinner party.

In this module, you will learn...
  •  How to foster a peaceful eating environment, so your little one looks forward to eating… which means less fussiness for you to deal with!
  •  The kitchen essentials you NEED before you get started (...and don’t worry, they will actually save you money, not cost you more!)
  •  The best way to position your child’s chair for easy and safe self-feeding (and we will break down the difference between gagging and choking, and how you handle both).
  •  The main ways to minimize mess - I’m going to be honest, this self-feeding baby stuff can get messy (...but then again, spoon-feeding isn’t a super clean situation either!)
  •  BONUS - I’m going to give you some simple strategies and straight-up scripts you can use to bring caregivers on board with baby led weaning. We are going to get everyone in your tribe on board with your baby-led approach to feeding!  
Module 3 - Menu Planning Like a BOSS!
So what do you actually serve at this fabulous function you’re about to be hosting? Module 3 is called “Menu Planning Like a Boss!” ...because you’re the boss of your kitchen, and by the end of this module you’re going to be up to your ears in baby-led weaning recipe and meal ideas!

When you’re done with this module, you will be confident about:
  •  The top 10 first foods you can feed your baby, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to starting solids. 
  •  How to avoid nutrient gaps so you baby grows into a healthy and well adapted human being. 
  •  Putting sample meal plans to work for your baby, no matter what age or stage of feeding he or she is at.
  •  Implementing all of my tried-and-true scheduling, shopping and seasoning short cuts so you’re not spending all of your free time making food for your little one.
  •  PLUS - you’ll get some of my best baby and family food recipes, so you can prepare whole family meals that suit your growing baby, too!
Module 4 - Preparing the Feast
Guests are invited, the table is set, the menu is planned….but now you’ve got to do the WORK and prepare the feast for these folks (...or folk :) 
In Module 4 - “Preparing the Feast”, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through food prep 101 to save you tons of time, money and frustration. Oh, and by the way, the rest of your family is probably going to end up eating better as a result of what you learn here!

By the time you finish this module you will have:
  • Made it through your first few meals as a baby led weaning parent and be confident in your meal prep mastery. 
  •  Learned how to keep your kitchen baby-safe and what types of wholesome foods to stock your pantry with
  •  Total mastery of which foods to watch out for allergies, so you don’t accidentally trigger an allergic reaction (there are enough things to worry about when it comes to your baby!)
  •  Some key kitchen hacks under your belt so batch cooking, breakfast pre-prep and frozen meal mastery are working to your advantage!
Plus I’ll share with you some of my favorite meal plans, shopping shortcuts and grocery lists, so you can get your meal planning done in a snap and move onto more important things in your life!
Module 5 - Let Your Baby EAT!
It’s the moment that baby has been waiting for...everything is in place and your babe is loving all of this whole food and the self-feeding approach!
In Module 5 - “Let That Baby EAT!” 
I’ve got even more great tips for you, like:
  • Sample menus and great snack ideas for ensuring baby-led weaning success
  • More recipes than you can shake a stick you’ll never run out of ideas for what food to prep next
  • Nutrition basics for babies: if you want to nerd out on nutrients for your little one, then this is definitely the lesson for you!
  • What signs to look for in your baby’s “solid food poop”, to make sure you’re on the right track with your food introduction. 
  • When is the best time to offer meals and snacks to your baby, so you’re not messing up their all-important nursing, bottle and/or sleeping schedules
Plus I’ll share with you my favorite feeding schedules and some more meal plans for getting your baby all of the nutrients she needs from solids while still utilizing breastfeeding or formula in the first year of life. And there's over 100 baby-led weaning recipes in the program!
Discounted price is 25% off regular price of the Self-Feeding Baby course and 
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As a dietitian and parent, I have spent a lot of time worrying about whether or not I’m feeding my babies the right foods, at the right time, and in a way that doesn’t stress me or them out. In the Self-Feeding Baby course I am sharing some of my favorite tools that will make feeding your baby (as well as your family) an utterly and unexpectedly enjoyable part of raising these humans!

When I was spoon-feeding my older daughter Molly, I dreaded mealtime. I hated force-feeding her and I felt like such a feeding failure when she wouldn’t eat the foods I was offering. The second time around with my quadruplets, I had to find an alternative. So, I poured myself into developing a system that RALLY works for busy families who want to feed their kids the right way. 

My hope is that you can put these practices to work for your family or your practice, so you can get back to the things that matter in life instead of freaking out about food!

Are You Still on the Self-Feeding Fence?

OK, so maybe you are thinking about the benefits of a self-feeding baby, but are still on the fence about whether or not this approach is really going to work for you. Don’t worry, I hear you, and I have heard every reservation about a baby-led approach to feeding in the book :)

  • What if my baby was premature or born early? My doctor says he can’t start food yet.
My quadruplets were preemies and they did just fine starting solids at their 6 month adjusted age. The Self-Feeding Baby shows you exactly what steps you need to follow to ensure safety in starting your baby on real food, and some next steps to look for if your baby isn’t quite ready yet.

  • Yeah, but I have heard that a baby-led approach leads to nutrient gaps and there’s no way a baby can meet her iron needs without fortified baby food.
Not true my friend. I share my most nutrient dense meal plans and recipes to put any of your baby-led nutrient gap concerns to bed! Watered down white carb baby food with added iron is NOT the best way to feed your baby (no matter WHAT your lifecycle nutrition teacher told you :) and in this course I show you a better alternative.

  • This sounds great but I just don’t have a ton of time to invest in a self-feeding baby course.
Au contraire! I have packaged the info in this course in such a succinct way, that if you put your head down and work straight through it, you can get through all of the info in five short hours (that's basically during your baby's nap time this weekend!) If you’re not in a super hurry, you can spread the info out to cover a few modules per week or more at your own pace.

  • I don’t really have time to cook and prep and make all of this seemingly super food for my baby. Jarred baby food is probably a better option for my baby.
You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or even a decent cook to succeed at a baby-led approach to feeding. To be fair, good food doesn’t just magically appear on the table - there is some work required on your part. But the beauty of this system is it cuts to the chase, showing you the healthiest way to get your baby to eat and love real food, fast. I'm giving you 100 of my best-performing baby-led weaning recipes, so you'll never struggle with what to feed your baby again!

  • Spoon feeding just sounds so much safer and I’m worried that my baby will choke if she feeds herself real food.
You are not alone. Fear of choking is one of the primary reasons why parents stick to spoon feeding. But babies CAN and WILL eat real food, if you know what to offer when and how. You'll be happy to know that emerging research suggests that a baby-led approach does not increase risk of choking. After taking this course you will have the confidence to honor your baby’s ability to eat real food and I will help you get over your concerns about choking and teach you how to deal with gagging.

  • I can just boil vegetable chunks and make my baby eat them. I don’t need a course to tell me that.
Food fads are real my friend and familiarity breeds contempt. All babies have a “honeymoon” period that you have to take advantage of when it comes to self-feeding. But beyond those starter weeks, if you don’t continue to push their palate with a variety of tastes and textures, your kid might get stuck, reverse course and picky eating can set in.

The Self-Feeding Baby provides you with an armory of meal plans, menu items and recipes to ensure your baby doesn’t burn out on boiled vegetables. I incorporate iron-rich finger foods, vitamin D dense entree items and delicious recipes your whole family will enjoy now and for years to come.

  • I’m worried about food allergies and that baby-led weaning isn’t right for my high risk baby.
As a mom of premature quadruplet babies all who had special feeding needs, I hear you that feeding high risk kids is scary. But I also want you to know that your baby CAN and WILL eat real food...but only if you make it happen. If I can do it, so can you. The Self-Feeding Baby combines the latest research in food allergies with age appropriate food recommendations to ensure all babies have the opportunity to enjoy real food made the right way.

A self-feeding approach to starting solids is a great option for many families. But it’s not for everyone. This course is NOT for you, if:
  • You have a baby with a cleft palate, tongue tie, developmental delay that may impact feeding or other genetic syndromes may have special feeding considerations that should be considered by a trained healthcare provider.
  • You are bringing up your baby in a vegan household. Many of the recipes and meal plans in the course are plant-based, but there is inclusion of nutrient-dense animal foods that are not compatible with a vegan diet.
More Self-Feeding Baby System Feedback:

Samantha, Caregiver for Paige, 6 Months

As Paige's full-time caregiver, I found my bosses to be initially hesitant about baby-led weaning. I took the course to educate myself, but also to help bring parents on board to this incredible approach to starting solids. We were able to all sit down together and brainstorm about our mutual feeding goals. I was even able to teach Paige's pediatrician a thing or two about the latest baby-feeding research supporting a baby-led approach that I learned in Katie's course!

Kelsey, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and Mom to Brooklyn, 8 Months

Even though I work in the pediatric feeding field, I had fears and anxieties when it came to feeding my own daughter. Watching Katie's videos in the course helped me feel more prepared to begin the feeding journey. I now feel fully confident in my feeding ability and my daughter is a successful self-feeder!

Erin, Formerly Frustrated Mom to Baby, 9 Months

My daughter stopped eating purees and I didn't know how to transition to real food. I was frustrated with my doctor's feeding recommendations that started and stopped with "start cereal at 4 months". Katie laid it all out and helped me rebuild my baby's eating habits. My whole family has better eating habits now after I finished the Self-Feeding Baby program!
How Much is a Lifetime of Healthy Eating Worth?
In the Self-Feeding Baby course, I have condensed nearly 20 years of nutrition practice and knowledge, all of the current research on baby-led weaning (and data about why it is a safe alternative to spoon-feeding), my tried-and-true meal plans and feeding schedules, 100 delicious baby-led weaning recipes and careful consideration about what to avoid when feeding your baby into a 5 module (5 CEU) course that you can quickly digest in a few hours. 

This 5 CEU opportunity is neatly bundled up available for $147. This also includes the 100 baby-led weaning recipes, feeding schedules and sample meal plans for babies at different ages and feeding stages.

For More Information
I’m passionate about food and nutrition and I believe that good food fuels strong families. 

If you have any other questions about whether or not the Self-Feeding Baby course is right for you - please do not hesitate to contact me. 

My email address is and I’m standing by to help you hop off the self-feeding fence :)
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